NEW Testing Capabilities

CME has recently acquired new testing equipment and obtained new testing certifications in order to widen our scope of testing capabilities. We now have a Relative Humidity meter for concrete moisture testing and two Holiday Detectors (both High Voltage and Low Voltage) for testing of coatings. We also acquired a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certification for coatings inspection.


The Rapid RH® 4.0 Relative Humidity (RH) meter significantly improves the ability to instantly test and/ or monitor the drying progress of a concrete slab (according to ASTM F2170). This testing may be required for concrete floors where moisture-sensitive floor coverings or coatings are to be applied over the slabs, so RH percent limits are specified. The procedure includes drilling a ¾” diameter hole in the concrete slab, inserting a smart sensor, and simply taking a reading of the RH percent 72 hours later. This method is an alternative to the surface moisture test kits (per ASTM F1869) CME also currently provides, which measure vapor emission rate from the surface, rather than RH percent from within the slab.


The Holiday Detectors identify the presence of flaws in the finished coating on items such as pipes (internal and external), tanks, manholes, floors, and walls. The High Voltage pulsating DC holiday detector with regulated voltage has a range of 800 volts to 35,000 volts, giving complete coverage for coating specifications.  The Low Voltage holiday detector produces 67.5 volts, ideal for thin-film coatings (0-20mils). This equipment conforms to NACE International specs on protection from corrosion and allows for quick and accurate testing of large areas in a short period of time. Our recent NACE certification allows for in-house coatings testing and analysis.